Friday, July 11, 2008

We Did It Again!

I received an email this morning with this link in it Click Here. What a great way to start off the day! This is an online blog/magazine from CharBroil, the ones who make the grill we have. Enjoy!

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John Devine said...

Thanks you SO much for the “Captain’s Shack” pulled pork recipe. Here’s the story:

Meg made the marinade Friday, bought a 8lb Boston Buttock’s chunk of meat. The Butt went into the bag and fridge at 6:30, after she stabbed the meat repeatedly with a very sharp, piercing metal thingy……I’m so relieved that Violence does not run in the Young bloodline or I’d be sleeping with one eye open!

I awoke at 5:30am on this past Saturday, brew my coffee and knew I had an hour to wake up to start the creation. I got the coals going at 6:30 and at 7am I placed a pan filled with Guinness Dark beer next to the coals and placed the soaked butt on the grate of my brand new WEBER charcoal grill (indirect heat). The hickory chunks I used soaked in a water/beer mixture for an hour and a half and were placed on top of the coals. Closed the lid and at 9am added more red hot coals and again at 11. Peeking in the grill was forbidden.

At 2pm, I wrapped the meat in heavy aluminum, but left the top open around the meat so I could baste with the marinade. The coals were plenty hot so I left well enough alone.

I basted every hour and at 5pm took the butt off the Weber, closed the aluminum, placed on a platter and brought it into the house.

At 6pm, I started pulling the meat, which took about 2 minute because the meat literally fell apart in the most beautiful strands I’ve ever seen. Not only was it the most delicious pulled pork I have EVER had, but the pork pulled like butter. I may have had 2-3 ounces of waste (fat).

I’ve been trying to master pulled pork for over a year now. I was using a really cheap charcoal grill and knew the Weber would help. The new grill holds heat so much better but the recipe is what made the meat so good. Rave reviews from all that consumed and are still consuming!!!!!!!

There is no need to try another pulled pork recipe as the “Captain’s Shack,” in my opinion, cannot be topped (except for with the Young family coleslaw)!

Next up……………….ribs. Any suggestions?????