Monday, July 7, 2008

Silver City, Idaho

It won't be long now before we are at the Idaho Hotel in Silver City. About 2 hours south of here in the Oyhee Mountains. So here are some of the recipes we will be using to make dinner for 29 people at the hotel on Saturday night. I will post some photos when we get back. We will be making a Cold Fermented Italian Bread, a Bastille Bread Fougasse (July 14th is Bastille Day and our actual anniversary), our infamous Pulled Pork and a Poached Salmon. Along with all of that, we will have a cold Carrot Soup, Sauteed Fresh Vegetables, Saffron Rice, Baked Beans, Parsley Red Potatoes, Fresh Garden Salad and dessert. I don't know what the dessert will be, Jerri Nelson - the owner of the hotel - is keeping that a surprise. Plus, we will have a variety of wines.

The bread is now fermenting, the pork is marinating and tomorrow I will probably put some salmon on to brine and smoke for a Friday night party. For Friday night, Robin is making a Wild Mushroom Pate and a Lentil Pate. I am making a Browned Potato Slices and the above mentioned Cold Fermented Italian Bread that I will make into baguettes. Sounds good already - just lots of prep work.

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Bob and Robin said...

Beth said in an email -
"Oh my goodness! Unfortunately I haven’t eaten breakfast so this is making my mouth really water….. Somehow I didn’t get the Young cooking gene but I did get the Young knitting gene. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!"