Thursday, July 24, 2008

Robin's Retirement Tribute

I know, this may look long, but it is worth the time to watch this. Really fun to do - it took close to 60 years to gather the information for the video - and it is dedicated to Robin, who deserves every bit of recognition and this tribute.


Nancy and Wayne said...

Good morning!

(I haven't figured out how to post a comment to your blog, so regular old email will have to do.)

What a thrilling experience I just had! Hearing all the wonderful tributes to Robin and seeing all the still pictures as well. And of course there's something about the music....! GREAT JOB does not quite cover it, but will have to do for the moment.


Beth said...

Finally - i got to view the whole thing! Robin - I could hear your wonderful laugh in the pictures - you were always smiling or laughing!! By the way, the bell on your tricycle is a ladybug!!

Congratulations and as Bobby said, it is really a new beginning.