Sunday, July 20, 2008

Camera on Bike

Robin asked a while back if we can video while on a bike ride. Well, yes you can. All I had to do is figure a way to mount the camera on the bike. And with a #16 stainless steel screw clamp, a 1"x1/4" #20 bolt, two 1/4" nuts (all though, two wing nuts may work better), some 1/2" strip insulation and we have the camera mounted. Place the clamp on the handle bar. Mark where the top center is. Remove the clamp and drill a 1/4" hole. Place the bolt through the hole and secure with one nut. Wrap the handle bar with the insulation - only one layer. Attach the screw clamp with the bolt facing up. Place the other nut on the bolt. Attach the camera and secure in place with the 2nd nut and you're done. Yup! It works. Here's the proof.

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