Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gabriel Blanket

I just received this from Shirley Duke, the lady who sent me the blanket as photographed below.

I just posted that the blanket was purchased at an auction some 30 years ago between Eurekia Springs, Arkansas and the national civil war park at Pea Ridge, Arkansas.
The location is in the NW corner of Arkansas.

Shirley Duke

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interesting Blanket Discussion

Communications between my sister Peggy and her daughter Meg about the blanket. 22 July 2010. The blanket pictured here is the one I received from Shirley Duke.

Meg: I have a very very similar blanket from Coopersburg. Do you want me to take pictures of it?

Bob: Yes

Peggy: Yes, I know the one you have either came with them from Germany or was made here at their mill. How are you preserving it?

Meg: It’s in my hope chest.

Peggy: That's good. This should be interesting. My father's cousin, Gabe, lived in FL and he got a lot of things from my Aunts Marquerite and Sadie because he became, at one time, a Christian Scientist, which is the religion they were very active in. I wonder if this Shirley Duke bought the blanket at an auction in FL.

Henry Gabriel Blanket

(Left Click on these photos to enlarge)

Back in June, I received this note from one Shirley Duke who lives in Florida. She sent me a blanket made by H. Gabriel of Millersville, Lehigh Co., PA. I am thinking seriously about contacting the History Detectives (PBS) to see if it is real and then maybe some history behind the blanket. Ms Duke said she will send some genealogy information at a later date, per her note. Here are two photos of the blanket. Cheers!

The "end plate". The blanket has some deterioration issues and the edges are frayed. Some of the dyes (natural?) are fading, especially the red and yellow, which would be expected.

The design which repeats throughout the blanket. The blanket size would fit a single size bed and appears to be wool.