Thursday, July 3, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


Bob and Robin said...

Great photos, Meg! Thanks for sending Jimmy's email. I have invited him to join in so he can post comments. I hope he does. I stll have not heard from Mark or Jessica.

Bob and Robin said...

OK, here's how to make other arrangements on
1) Open an account - it's free!
2) Sign In
3) Find the slide program you made and click on "Edit"
4) Look at "Custom Design"
4a) Click "Sliding" or
4b) Click "View More"
4c) Under "View More" click "Gallery"
5) Add photo titles - Click "Tiny"
6)SAVE It!
Your slide show on the blog will automatically update. When you want to add another slide show, Sign-In and click "Add Slide Show" and follow the proceedure above. It took longer to write this than it does to do the slide show. Have fun!!