Friday, May 30, 2008

Blog Re-Set

Just to let you know, I have re-set the blog to two things : (1) You will only receive emails that a new comment has been posted once a day, somewhere around 3:00pm, and (2) I have re-set the time/date stamp to the Eastern time zone. Therefore, you should only get this post once.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi Maggie!

Good to see you here with us. Please do join in on the conversations, photos, etc.

Hope this one works

Maggie and Jim in their special New Orleans hats!!!

Blog info

I just wanted to say that it's good to see you all (y'all) on board! I have been trying to send Mark a notice, but I keep getting an email reject. Does anyone have a good address for him? Don't post it here, but rather email me.

Just a note about posts: The more posts we make, the more we need to categorize them. At the bottom of the "New Post" window, you will see a blank space and "Show All" after it. Click on "Show All" and see if someone has listed a category that you want to use. If not, add one and it will magically re-appear the next time. This lists "Labels" in the side bar - much like a table of contents, so we can find posts by name or "Label". And, this is mostly for me, there is a spell check function in the "New Post" window that works quite well. Click it and unrecognized words will be highlighted. Click on that word and spelling suggestions will pop up. I have not been able to find how to add words, though.

Finally, post comments on the blog and try not to send them via email. We will all be notified when comments have been posted.

Just some thoughts and keep those cards and letters coming in!

Pretty Cool Idea

This was a good idea to set this up, just testing if mine works.

Slide Show of Garden Flowers

Here's what we can do from - make your own slide show from photos you have. Lot's of skins you can use and effects.

Maggie's Graduation - last one!!

I have got to get back to work!! Talk/Blog later.

Yet another Engineer

Maggie is the one with the black cap on! Grandma and Grandpa Great would be so proud of our recent graduates!!!

Maggie's graduation


OH MY GOD - am I blogging??????????????

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm From Delaware

jessica's graduation

Well my first blog was a big whopping FAILURE so I will try again! Here is my photo of Jessica and Zach at her graduation from UNC-G on 5-15-08. When I emailed Bobby my photo after seeing Christopher's, that was the impetus for the blog. So fellow family member, far and NEAR (you know who you are) let's all stay in touch and wish me success on this second attempt to blog!

Jessica's Graduation

Hello all, Bobby created this blog as we traded photos - I enjoyed seeing his of Christopher so I sent one in celebration of Jessica's graduation from UNC-G. SO, since SOME of us are far away and our lives are busy, let's each take some time during the week to connect with the extended Young family. Please pass on the blog address - or whatever it is called - to your own families and let's all try and stay connected albeit electronically!


Christopher's Graduation

So yes, he did graduate! And a scholarship to the University of Idaho. He leaves Sunday for Moscow, ID and he enrolled himself in summer school. Boise High School: 396th in the nation for scholastic achievement. 395 students graduated. 17 students with a 4.0 or higher gpa. And other great statistics that either Marnie or Robin will probably add. But, here are some photos from last night.

Chris is the one in the red cap and red gown and red tie!

395 students let their caps fly and a packed house!

Chris with friend Nate, Marnie and Robin.

Chris, Robin, Marnie and me.

So there you have it. There were more photos, but lighting was bad, distance was bad (no specks) and I had to set the camera on a sloooow speed, which makes for blurred photos. But here's a start.


Bob and Robin
Thanks for setting this up.  Hopefully, I will be able to figure out how to use it!

Numero Uno

Hello All! Here we go. Just to let you know this has been established and any ideas as to format, let me know.