Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boise Peregrines #2

On 30 May at about 11:00am, Robin and I rode our bikes downtown to see the falcons. Even if I do say so myself, these are some awesome in-flight photos. The very last one, the male was almost out of sight. Be sure to follow the flight and the change in color. The higher he goes, the "whiter" he'll look at this sun angle. And be sure to view these in full screen - it'll make a difference. Enjoy!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Boise Falcons 2009

Here is the Boise Falcon Hack Box. 14 stories up and 1 block south of where I took the photo. 3 chicks have hatched and one egg did not mature - probably not fertilized.

You can see "Mama" standing guard over her chicks. She has just finished feeding them.

The tercel - male - is probably out hunting. I did not see him flying around downtown. Look in the Sidebar and you will find a direct link to a 24-7 Falcon Cam. Lots of fun watching the process from egg to flight.

And to give you some sense of location in Boise where you can sit - there are benches - and watch - bring your own binoculars - I am sitting just North of the Idanha Hotel.

If I look straight ahead, I see the Simplot/Quest Building. The reflections are looking at the North side of Main Street at 10th.

So go to downtown Boise, pick out a park bench, keep the economy flowing by purchasing a "To Go" meal from one of our delightful restaurants, take a camera and watch the birds. Best times are late afternoon and early morning.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wine and Food

On Sunday, 17 May, Robin and I went to what may be the last Gamekeeper Restaurant and Lounge wine dinner. They are going out of business. (I think Denny's is still open!) Chef Mark Owsley and Ste Chapelle Winery winemaker Chuck Devlin did a superb job of matching the wines with the dinner. But then, Chef Mark Owsley did a fantastic job in preparing the outstanding meal. Here is what we had. All wines were Ste Chapelle.

Southern Pork Lyonnaise

Tenderloin of Pork lightly spiced then seared. Presented on a Gorgonzola Polenta Cake with Black Bean Salsa. Topped with a Caramelized Onion Sauce with Crispy Onion
Wine: 2007 Merlot

Tortilla Soup with Langoustines
Traditional Tortilla Soup with Langoustines garnished with Tortilla Strips, Scallions and Aged Cheddar
Wine: 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon

Pasta Salad Neptune
Tri-Colored Cavatuppi Pasta blended with Snow Crab and Pesto Dressing. Presented on a bed of Fresh Spinach
Wine: 2007 Dry Riesling

Watermelon Sorbet
Main Entree

Key Lime Salmon
Fresh Atlantic Salmon flame broiled to perfection. Laced with a Zesty Lime Cream. Served with pureed Great Northern Beans with Mexican Spices and a Stuffed Tomato stuffed with spinach, bread crumbs in marinara and two cheeses.
Wine: 2007 Sauvignon Blanc

Mudd Pie
(Sorry no photo - It was gone before I could get the photo)
Classic Mudd Pie layered with Coffee Ice Cream, Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream and Fudge Brownies. Served with a Port Chocolate and Caramel Sauce.
Wine: 2004 Sauvignon Blanc Ice Wine

Be sure to view these photos. Cheers!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Interesting Food Trivia

I really don't know where they come up with these, but I will say that I do believe that they are legit!

This Week in the History of Food & Drink:

May 4, 1494: Columbus landed at Jamaica and met the Arawak Indians. The Arawak used Jamaican pimento (allspice) to season and smoke meat (usually pigs), the foundation upon which Jamaican Jerk developed.

May 5: Cinco de Mayo!!

May 6:.National Crepe Suzette Day

May 7,1660: Isaack B. Fubine of The Hague, Netherlands, received a patent for macaroni.

May 8, 1842: Emil Christian Hansen was born. He was a Danish botanist who developed new methods to culture yeast. He revolutionized the beer industry, and proved that there are different species of yeast. He refused to patent the method, but instead made it available for free to other brewers.

May 9, 1785: The beer-pump handle was patented by Joseph Bramah.

May 10: National Shrimp Day!

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