Friday, June 13, 2008

It's all about Emily and her Monday Report

sorry i didn't send last weeks newsletter but i'll make up for it this time
last my sister had her graduation party with my family and my little cousin flipped me off that morningi played ashley major's soccer team and lost but i scored our ony two goals oh yeah i'm that awesome (sorry if i'm intimidating) the next day i went to my step brother's friend's graduation party and went swimming but brooklyn lyman was there and she couldn't go swimmingit was sad so now onto this weekend on friday i went to the dance to the wich was awesome but som people were grinding that weren't supposed to cough*steohen*cough jk after that i went to my bro's graduation then on saturday i took care of my grandma dog who saturated my hands in licks then my step bro moved down from delaware shout out to him then i went to my other bro's soccer game (btw all the bros i mentioned are all different ones) in the hundred degree weather and it was hott like me sizzle! on sunday i was running around because i had to go to two soccer games and a practice then i had to go to a picnic my soccer practice was fun cuz i didn't even know i had practice but i was at the fields for a game so i went over there in my bare feet and told them that i was gonna school them all in bare feet so i wanted to see how far i could kick it and i kicked it far and then i raced my friend to it and beat her but i tripped over the ball i guess nikki is rubbing off on me then i stole it from and tripped again as i sat up i got hit in the face with the ball thanks sarah then i bombed apiano performance at the picnic in front of my family and also my grand ma found out that i have a boyfriend thanks to my brothers so there's my last to weekends summed up in a really long email hope you enjoyed it

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Robin and Bob said...

Grandma's are like that. They have a tendency to know precisely what you don't want them to know. They have ways. Good post and hope to see more of them.