Friday, June 13, 2008

Future blogs

I hope to "blog" some more next week. Too busy working lately. I'll have graduation pics from Louis' graduation. We headed to West Virginia University on Tues/Wed for his orientation. What a pretty part of the country. Wanted to say thanks to our Chief Blogger and Bloggerette for posting the information on the Wilson/West/Young/Gabriel information. Good to know if I ever get out of this country. Also like the rose picture. Maggie is currently on the West Coast enjoying her last week of non-adulthood. As of 2 days ago she was already at 80 pictures from her visit to the Cascades. Last day of school for John and Emily is today. Let the fun begin! Have a great weekend everyone

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Robin and Bob said...

The rose really is a "Rockin' Robin"! It's along side of our "All That Jazz". Maggie is on the west coast? She probably flew right over us! Tell her to wave on her way back or parachute in! Family and work comes first. Then blog when you have the time. It's just good hearing from everyone. Now to get my Bro in here.