Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Short Adventure

OK, here's another adventure that a friend of ours and I took. (Boy's night out!) Not far from home this time, only about 8 blocks, due north. Lots of fun, but rainny and cold. (Snow in the mountains, and this is mid-June! Where's summer?) And all to benefit one of Boise's great places - Life's Kitchen, where they train kids to enter the food preparation sector. They become Chefs! One such individual is in this video. Really a great cause and worth supporting. Try cutting a baguette into slices and lightly toasting, spreading the slices with cream cheese and topping with caramelized onions. But wait! Watch the video!

1 comment:

Robin and Bob said...

So Debra emailed me (Geno's wife) and said:

"So, when are Robin and I going to reap the benefits of this ‘class’ you two took last night? :)"

My Reply:
"Good class and we missed you both. Maybe next time. The Benefits: I am about to upload the video of the class and will let you know when it is done and where it is located. Were there other"benefits" you were thinking about?"