Monday, June 2, 2008

Emily's Monday report

From Emily Maitland email (one week ago)

i'm starting a new weekly email
every monday i'm going to send an email to everyone that tells you interesting things i did over the weekend
so here we go

on friday i roasted a weenie (which you all already know) and had s'mores they were deliciouso
on saturday i went on a hike with my mom and had another fire and had more s'mores they were yummy too
on sunday i went kayaking and then went to a barbeque andn went swimming then went home and then went bback to the bbq and had s'mores again and then
i watched the simpon's movie wich by the way is hilarious if you haven't seen it andmy friend made chocolate smoothies wich i didn't even know existed

so that was my weekend o and one last thing Kasey Kahne won the race woohoo!
hope you enjoyed reading this
see ya tomorrow

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Robin and Bob said...

Good to have Emily's post and yes, we did enjoy reading her input.