Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idaho Spring Snow!

Well .... That's Idaho! What's Idaho? Maybe snow on April 15th. Maybe 4" of snow on April 15th. Maybe if you wait for 5 minutes, the weather will change. Nooo! That won't happen. Wanna bet? This is Wednesday ..... by Saturday temperatures in the low to mid 70's for the next 7 days! Yes, that really is snow in the photo. It's taken just 8 miles west of Twin Falls.

No, this is not Twin Falls, although, there really is a Twin Falls. The falls pictured here are Shoshone Falls. They are higher than Niagara Falls, but they don't always flow. Idaho Power has opened the river to release the water and the spring melt. (As Bill Cosby said, "Yea. Right!")

I had to go to Twin today, to have the car serviced - we have 1 year free of service. About 30 miles west (towards Boise) I ran into snow - heavy snow! When I got to Twin, there were 4" on the ground. So the Shoshone Falls are always a good side trip, especially with snow on them. That's a loooong way down through that hole in the cliff! I don't think I should get much closer to the edge - No rope!

Anthropological data states that before Idaho Power got control of the river and closed it down to a trickle during the summer, the salmon came all the way up to the falls. Not being able to get above the falls, the salmon were easy prey for the Native Americans and later for the Oregon Trail immigrants. Interesting since, as I said, we don't normally see the salmon any more this far up the river. It was a good trip to see the falls, very different with the subdued light on them than when the sun is full on them. I told Robin that from the freeway, about 10 miles north, you can see the "mist plume" rising. You can not see the falls, just the mist. I've never seen the mist like that.

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Peggy said...

These are spectacular photos! I really enjoyed all the detailed info as well.