Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dinner 2009 - The Main Event

No, it was not a boxing match. It was fun and exciting. We do understand, but Mac was a little late. But we are glad he could make it. The dinner was awesome and met expectations. The Lamb was slooooow cooked, the Asparagus was adente and the Dried Corn was just what it should be. But the Dessert! What can I say. Robin did a superb job with her Raspberry, Angle Food Cake, Whipped Cream treat! Watch the slides and you'll see it. A 2001 Hopler Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA) went extremely well with Robin's dessert. Buy a case of this wine and enjoy it for breakfast - it's that fruity! And, Oh!, the wines!!! The 1988 Indian Creek Pinot Noir took the show!!! Great fruit forward and low tannins paired well with the lamb and asparagus. The 2007 Bedrock Winery Pinot Noir has got to cellar for a while. Right now, it is a hot wine and heavy in tannins. But even at that, it went well with the lamb and the asparagus. Let this one age and do buy some! Good job, Morgan!

Cheers! Enjoy Spring.

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