Monday, April 27, 2009

Faster Horses, Slower Women and More Beer!

Well, after 21 days in the fermentor, it's time to bottle the Highland Heavy Ale. About 4 cases were produced and, in the bottling process, one must always sample the fruits of ones labors! Not too bad for being NA (Non Aged compared to NV - Non Vintage). Somewhere around Memorial Day BBQ it should be really good!

The bottling is so very High-Tech! A 5-Gallon container, about 4 feet of food grade plastic tube and a valve and you have it! Then, of course, one must have the appropriate sized bottle - other than a 1 Liter bottle - like 16 oz bottles and caps and a bottle capper. And, Oh Yes, the 1 liter bottles must also go to Jerri and Roger and Gail and Robert. The other 95 bottles I'm going to share with Mac, Guy and Mairi, Geno and Debra, Tammy and Mike - if they want any - and Robin and "Buddy" (Yea, that'll work!)

Now what I must work on is the Labeling Machine. Sometimes the labels don't go on straight. Need to sample the ale again! I think I will save some for Robert Burns' Birthday next January. OK, Mairi? It will be good by then with Haggis.

I do think that by Memorial Day it should be time to open the case and start the BBQ or the Smoker and have a party! You say you don't like Ale? We might find a good Zin or Cab or Syrah downstairs to go with the grilling. What, you say you don't like wine? McDonald's is about 4 blocks from here. Have a good time!

Until we open a bottle, Cheers!

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