Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Doing the Trim

You'd think that Spring was here. It's not! Snow tonight - 8" to 12" - at 4000 feet and some here in the Valley! I may be shoveling "some snow" in the morning. Yuk! So, in the mean time, I am doing the trim in the kitchen.

It seems that after taping the doors and tops, doing one under-coat and two coats of Light Loden and 2 coats of the acrylic urethane, there would still be time left in the day. There is not.

The acrylic turns the maple slightly darker, but it also seals it and makes it shine. We are not going to paint the maple - it's too pretty to cover-up.

When the drawers come out, you can see how the maple is somewhat darker. It's really nice.

The maple trim being darker, really frames the Light Loden green.

So there you have what I have been doing for the past two days. But the old 1955 GE dual oven, 4 burner , electric stove finally left. Levco picked up their trailer that they were letting us use to store things in. And maybe our "old" refrigerator will leave soon. (It is under cover and out of the rain and snow). Progress, at this level of the remodel, is slow at best, but it will pay off to take ones time. There you have it! Cheers!

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