Friday, March 20, 2009

Doing the Kitchen Trim

Yes, there is trim to do - the doors and the cabinets. If you look on the back of these cabinets, you can see the original "clapboard" construction. That construction we did not change, just a fresh coat of paint.

We want to save these door knobs and plates, but we do not want them painted.

So, we stripped them of all paint and the brass is exposed. Much the same as the cabinet door hinges posted earlier in this saga.

The doors in the kitchen must also be painted. The photo over this door is the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls. Obviously, we took it from a boat in the Snake River.

Even the back door needed to be painted. And on this first day of Spring and a temperature of 72 degrees, we did get some things done. Robin worked on some of the things still in the backyard. She even worked on "her room". Much has been donated to the Idaho Youth Ranch. And even more has been donated to the landfill. The "Sanitary Engineers" were not happy this morning - again - as they uttered something in their native language when they threw the trash into the truck. The Levco trailer is now empty (I must contact them to let them know) and the storage in the backyard and on the back porch is diminishing. OH! And the dishwasher works fine! So quiet! So there we have it. Hope this weather holds, but it is supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday and the temperature is supposed to drop by 15 - 20 degrees. Not ready for tomatoes yet!

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