Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost done? Probably.

The painting is done. I just have to do some touch-up here and there. But essentially, the painting is done!

The area by the stove and the long storage drawers are complete. Those long drawers were a pain! Robin made that cork board out of used wine bottle corks. We will use the board as a recipe holder.

The area over the refrigerator is done, too! Just some minor "touch-up" to do now. The iron fixture on the wooden divider by the refrig is to use magnetic things of interest. Robin ordered it.

Overall, I just think that the finish on the bare wood enhances everything. I know, I keep saying that. Well, it does! Diane was here today and she really liked the painting scheme. She likes how the bare wood treatment draws the room together. She also said that the window over the sink may be in tomorrow or early next week. That'll be fun!

Maybe I'll make a Lamb Paella for Spanish Paella Day tomorrow. Got to seriously use the kitchen now that it is mostly complete. I'll make enough so Robin can have some when she gets home. That sounds good. I'm hungry; catch you later. Cheers!

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Beth said...

The progress has been really fun to watch. After the window is in and it is all complete, take a video and post!!!

Cheers - Beth