Friday, November 28, 2008

36 Hours to Prepare; 1 Hour to Devour!

Actually, the title is correct: 36 Hours to Prepare; 1 Hour to Devour, but therein lies the excitement and joy! And it was great to have Mac, Sophie and Marnie join us. And Mac, Thank-You for the Roast Beef and Oyster Stuffing. They were terrific!
The Turkey was good, the Shrimp was good, the dinner was good, the company was good, the weather was good and the BSU game on Friday should be good. What else could anyone ask for? (Maybe a turkey sandwich during the game?)
And whoever said that vegetables should be left for the rabbits, has never had Roasted Root Vegetables! Try taking some carrot, fennel, rutabaga, parsnip, Brussels sprouts (blanched), turnip and cutting thick slices, marinate in Olive Oil infused with fresh sage and thyme and oven roasted!

And then, there is always Robin's Ginger Snap and Orange Marmalade Cheese Cake, and layered at that! No, we definitely did not go hungry, and probably won't go hungry for about a week! And did I say anything about being thirsty? Probably not!

The Schramsburg that we ordered, never arrived - our supplier has fallen short on orders before. So we replaced it with a wine from Florida, San Sabastian Winery, St Augustine. A very good rose made from Muscadine grapes. This bottle was somewhat foxy, but it went very well with the cheese cake.

So there you have our Thanksgiving Dinner, 2008. Hope you enjoyed it - We did! Let us know how your Thanksgiving went. What did you have for dinner? Any family traditions?

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