Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12-0 ?

So the big question around here is, "Will BSU go to 12-0 again this year?" It should be a good game this Friday night. 4:00pm (Mountain Time) on ESPN2. Just think of watching the game, Stella Artois in one hand, turkey sandwich in the other and your feet up in your favorite lounge chair. That's where I'll be! See you there! Buddy is anxiously waiting with his BSU blanket and determination on his face. Look at those wolf eyes.

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Beth said...

Now that sounds great. We love Stella so we shall turn on ESPN2 at 6PM (EST) with a Stella (or 2 or 3) and ONE turkey sandwich and feet up on our favorite bear chair (leather comfy chair with bears on the fabric –sounds ugly but if fits the theme of our mountain room!). I may even take a picture.

Happy thanksgiving to y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!