Monday, December 1, 2008

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter

OK. So just to let you know that eating and finding good wine is not all we do, there are times when we do venture outside to the "real" world and look up! (If you Left Click on the photo, you can see a full screen image.)

Right outside of our house - see the tree limb and the reflection of the street light?

A somewhat better photo - higher magnification - of the same scene, but without the reflections. The Moon is obvious. Venus - I think is the bottom most "dot" and Jupiter is the upper "dot". Please correct me if I am wrong. An astronomer I am not. Enjoy.


Meg said...

We saw this last night – I knew about Venus but not Jupiter!!! Beautiful. Hope you enjoyed a glass of wine at least while viewing the Boise skies!!!

Bob and Robin said...

Thanks for the IReport info, Meg. I have uploaded these photos to CNN.

Bob and Robin said...

This is too much like fun! Here's the link tyo the CNN IReport.

From CNN online!

Moon, Venus and Jupiter over Idaho

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus all shined brightly over the Boise, Idaho mountains.

Click the following link to view the full article: