Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boise Beer Fest, August 2009

Well really, it does have something to do with food! Beer does have grain in it. And vegetables. And it is cooked. And it is persevered. I guess that makes it a "one pot meal". So, this afternoon, Mac calls me and asks, "Do you want to go to the Beer Festival at Ann Morrison Park this afternoon?" Who am I to turn down a crafted beer. But, I had to explain to him that I had an Apple Honey Challah to bake - pictured here - and that I probably could not go before early afternoon. He said that was Ok. I had to hurry to get the second and third rises done; the bread baked and cooled and coated with a honey/butter mixture. (I never said it was low calorie) OK, I made it! The bread was complete and 8 minutes before I was to meet him, I was on the way. I should have taken some with me ... it would have gone quite well with some of the beers, and there were a lot of them. Here are some photos. Enjoy!


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