Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bacon Fest, Nampa, Idaho

I know, we have too much time on our hands!!

Yup! There really is a Bacon Fest! This one was held at Brick 29 in Nampa, Idaho. (If you have never eaten here, absolutely don't miss it!!) But this was a special event and I think sponsored by Vande Rose Farms, Iowa Duroc Heritage Breed Pork. You can reach them, and order products, from their website, Vande Rose Farms. Bacon, bacon, bacon! A bacon lovers event. You can try bacon any way you can think of it.

Eggs and Bacon on Bread Triangles
Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms
Bacon Dip
Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno
Bread stuffed with Swiss Cheese and Wrapped in Bacon
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Sandwiches (BLT)
Chocolate Covered Bacon

And then there is Bakon Vodka. Yup! You have not read it wrong ... Bakon Vodka. This vodka is from New West Spirits. The original spelling of bacon came from the "... Old German (bakkon) and Old French (bako). "Bacon" or "bacoun" first appeared in the English language around the twelfth century, initially to describe pork in general". (2009 Lauer, pg 20) So, what do you do with Bakon Vodka besides mix it with eggs and then scramble them? Try one of these:

1. Bakon Apple Martini
(Apple, Bakon and Rum)
2. Luau Martini
(Bakon, Pineapple and Butterscotch)
3. Irish Boar Martini
(Bakon, Kahlua, Baileys, Hazelnut and a splash of Cream)
4. Bakon Mary
(Killer Bloody Mary with Bakon)
5. Pemican Martini
(Bakon and Huckleberry Vodka. Robin came up with this one!)

It was nice to meet Heather Lauer author of Bacon: A Love Story and to have her sign her book. And there are some really nice looking recipes in the book like Bacon Frittata, page 116, and Hana Beach Breakfast Sandwich, page 118. But the book is not all recipes. There is really some delightful discussions of bacon folklore. And some lyrics from Bacon Love Songs, like in chapter 5, page 88. "A little bit of bacon, A little bit of life." Or, "Beer and bacon waitin' for my friends, They ain't comin' over, but I'm not stayin sober." But I know, you're waiting for a recipe. Well try this and it too, is a song lyric. "Bacon, lettuce and tomato ... Try it with some Mayo ... Fry it up, put the oil in a cup. Bacon." And, as Ms Lauer states in the header of her first chapter in Bacon: A Love Story, let us not forget that "On the eigth day, God created bacon." Hmmmm. Now where is the corn?

I know. Waaaay too much fun! But then good food, good drink and warm friends make it that way. Cheers all! (Oh. I almost forgot. I do have some photos coming after a while. My camera is in the shop - too many falcon photos - so one of the waiters at Brick 29 who was taking photos said he would send some.)

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