Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kokanee Fishing

What a great day! On 22 July 2009, I went Kokanee fishing at Lucky Peak Reservoir - outside of Boise - with Helen and Paul Sudmeier. Slow fishing, but a great time. And no, we did not get "skunked"! We caught 5 and 7 got away. (Bob - 3 [the first]; Paul - 2 [the largest]; Kate - 0) Helen (Kate) says the reason that so many got away is because the fish have "thin lips". We talked to some folks on shore and they came home with empty ice chests. Oh well, we feel good about this one. Enjoy the photos.


Kate and Paul said...

We were talking on the way home and we lost 8 fish not lost 1, I lost 1 and Paul lost 6. Those darn thin lips! :>) (that's what people in the know say)

Thanks for coming out to play with us was fun!!

Kate and Paul said...

You are so clever...maybe someday you can show me how to do a Smilebox? You did good!