Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boise Peregrines #2

On 30 May at about 11:00am, Robin and I rode our bikes downtown to see the falcons. Even if I do say so myself, these are some awesome in-flight photos. The very last one, the male was almost out of sight. Be sure to follow the flight and the change in color. The higher he goes, the "whiter" he'll look at this sun angle. And be sure to view these in full screen - it'll make a difference. Enjoy!

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Peggy and Jim said...

Wonderful! Jim and I are on our boat at Deale MD on the Chesapeake Bay. We really enjoyed all of the photos of the falcons. Here we have the Osprey who are also very busy raising offspring sitting on the entrance and exit markers to our marina. I don't have the camera that you have, but will attempt to take some pictures next time we are down. At home in Greensboro we had a successful brood of bluebirds in our bluebird house in our front yard. I took some pictures and will upload them sometime when I have time. We are heading back home tomorrow with a stop in Manassas to visit with Meg and will come back here in a few weeks. Thanks again for the wonderful photos of the falcons. I still have the book (pamphlet) you wrote when you were up in the mountains with falcons some years ago.
Peggy and Jim :)