Friday, May 29, 2009

Boise Falcons 2009

Here is the Boise Falcon Hack Box. 14 stories up and 1 block south of where I took the photo. 3 chicks have hatched and one egg did not mature - probably not fertilized.

You can see "Mama" standing guard over her chicks. She has just finished feeding them.

The tercel - male - is probably out hunting. I did not see him flying around downtown. Look in the Sidebar and you will find a direct link to a 24-7 Falcon Cam. Lots of fun watching the process from egg to flight.

And to give you some sense of location in Boise where you can sit - there are benches - and watch - bring your own binoculars - I am sitting just North of the Idanha Hotel.

If I look straight ahead, I see the Simplot/Quest Building. The reflections are looking at the North side of Main Street at 10th.

So go to downtown Boise, pick out a park bench, keep the economy flowing by purchasing a "To Go" meal from one of our delightful restaurants, take a camera and watch the birds. Best times are late afternoon and early morning.

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