Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boise's Celebration of Mr Lincoln's Birthday

On 12 February, Boise celebrated Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Such a good celebration. A life-size statue of Mr Lincoln - the only one like this in the West - was unveiled. But, the City of Boise was competing with the arrival of Vice-President Joe Biden who was honoring the Special Olympics.

The statue stayed covered until just the right time.

The late afternoon shadows and light make a wonderful contrast in the image.

At every party, there is food! I tried to get a piece of cake, but the line was long. So I ate BBQ Meat Balls and Chicken Strips along with a Vegetable Plate. They also had Pasta and Chips and Natchos.

The capitol is being renovated until 2010. The inside is being completely re-done and brought up to code. The House and Senate areas are all going under-ground (no pun intended).

And yes, it was cold today and it lightly snowed, even though it does not look snowy in some of these photos. But the crowd was energetic and up-beat. But why this statue? It was originally given to the State of Idaho on February 12, 1915 and it was at the Veterans Home. It was decided that all citizens of Idaho should have the opportunity to view it, so it has been moved to be part of the Capitol Renovation Project.

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