Friday, October 10, 2008

Early Snow!

Yes, the first of October is early for snow around here. We had measurable snow, less than 1/4". Whereas, there are places in the mountains that are going to get 12" of snow over night. The earliest snow was in 1998, but it was not measurable. Prior to this evening, the earliest measurable snow was in 1968. Here are some photos of this evenings snow.
Here is looking north from in front of our house. The large white spots are actually snow flakes.
This is looking south in front of our house. And yes, those are snow flakes. Buddy loves the snow!
Snow covered roses.
And of course, there are the Hollyhocks. So there you have "on the spot" photos of the First Snow In Boise for 2008. Now we just have to remind the Snow Gods that this "stuff" belongs in the mountains, not in the Banana Belt!

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Bob and Robin said...

Actually, my data was wrong. According to the National Weather Service here in Boise, "... This is the earliest measurable snowfall since records began in 1898 in Boise. The previously earliest recorded snowfall was on October 12 1969 when 1.2 inches of snowfall occurred."