Monday, August 18, 2008

2008 Western Idaho Fair

OK, so it's been 10-12 years since we have been to the State Fair. But, as it was 102 degrees today, we had to do something. Here are a couple of photos. Enjoy!

(1) Ah yes. We took 2nd Place for our Citrus Marmalade!

(2) And no, we don't go upside down for anyone!

(3) Some of the crowd on this very warm afternoon.

(4) More of the crowd.

(5) Robin and I took some time to eat an "Elephant Ear" and some pretty good BBQ. (The "Pulled Pork" however, was not as good as mine.)

So there you have it. A good afternoon of "meandering" through the fair, watching the people and eating waaaay off our diets. But, once a year, or every 10 years, won't hurt - My cardiologist is amazed at my physical condition. And did you notice that blue, blue, blue western sky?

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