Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 Idaho Wine Festival

After a horrendous week of loosing the original place to hold the judging and storing the wine and losing one of the judges, the IWF (Idaho Wine Festival) did find a suitable venue - Meadow Lake Village and the IWF thanks Chef James Grimes and the staff at Meadow Lake Village for their support and cooperation at the last minute!

But with perseverance and patience, the Judging part of the festival was a huge success! 18 of 32 Idaho wineries were represented with 78 wines submitted. It takes many people and much time to do this. Many thanks to Jerri Nelson and her staff for making this possible. And finally, but not least, thanks to the judges: Brooks Tish (WA), Doug Frost (KS), Garry Sholz (ID), Robin Young (ID), Robin Zimmerman (ID), Maria Johnson (ID) and Ilene Dudenek (ID) for all their work and close to 7 hours of sniffing, swirling, tasting and spitting. August 22 will be the public tasting of the Idaho wines and the announcement of the awards. Here are some photos of the judging part of the event. Enjoy and see you at the public tasting!

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