Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christopher's Graduation

So yes, he did graduate! And a scholarship to the University of Idaho. He leaves Sunday for Moscow, ID and he enrolled himself in summer school. Boise High School: 396th in the nation for scholastic achievement. 395 students graduated. 17 students with a 4.0 or higher gpa. And other great statistics that either Marnie or Robin will probably add. But, here are some photos from last night.

Chris is the one in the red cap and red gown and red tie!

395 students let their caps fly and a packed house!

Chris with friend Nate, Marnie and Robin.

Chris, Robin, Marnie and me.

So there you have it. There were more photos, but lighting was bad, distance was bad (no specks) and I had to set the camera on a sloooow speed, which makes for blurred photos. But here's a start.

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