Thursday, May 29, 2008

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I just wanted to say that it's good to see you all (y'all) on board! I have been trying to send Mark a notice, but I keep getting an email reject. Does anyone have a good address for him? Don't post it here, but rather email me.

Just a note about posts: The more posts we make, the more we need to categorize them. At the bottom of the "New Post" window, you will see a blank space and "Show All" after it. Click on "Show All" and see if someone has listed a category that you want to use. If not, add one and it will magically re-appear the next time. This lists "Labels" in the side bar - much like a table of contents, so we can find posts by name or "Label". And, this is mostly for me, there is a spell check function in the "New Post" window that works quite well. Click it and unrecognized words will be highlighted. Click on that word and spelling suggestions will pop up. I have not been able to find how to add words, though.

Finally, post comments on the blog and try not to send them via email. We will all be notified when comments have been posted.

Just some thoughts and keep those cards and letters coming in!

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