Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interesting Blanket Discussion

Communications between my sister Peggy and her daughter Meg about the blanket. 22 July 2010. The blanket pictured here is the one I received from Shirley Duke.

Meg: I have a very very similar blanket from Coopersburg. Do you want me to take pictures of it?

Bob: Yes

Peggy: Yes, I know the one you have either came with them from Germany or was made here at their mill. How are you preserving it?

Meg: It’s in my hope chest.

Peggy: That's good. This should be interesting. My father's cousin, Gabe, lived in FL and he got a lot of things from my Aunts Marquerite and Sadie because he became, at one time, a Christian Scientist, which is the religion they were very active in. I wonder if this Shirley Duke bought the blanket at an auction in FL.

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