Thursday, January 7, 2010

Robin and the Boise Ukulele Group - BUG

So for Christmas, Robin wanted a ukulele ("flea jumps"). The bandeleon was too large for her. And, Santa being the kind soul He is, she did indeed get a Soprano Ukulele. And here she is, the uke in one hand and the computer (dangerous!!) in the other.

The Boise Ukulele Group, also known as "BUG", is a really nice group. Easy going, but dedicated to the art form. Here are Luke, on the uke, and Nate on the mandolin. Ah yes, see, not all ukulele players are "older than dirt"! If you want some more information on the BUG, look at The BUG web page.

Left to Right - Bill, Earl ("Four Strings, Four Fingers, No Problem") and Karen, the Baker who said she would send me a good recipe for a flourless cake. (Sorry, I didn't get a photo of it. I was too busy eating it!)

But what I did get a photo of, is the "Birthday Cake" for birthday #2 of BUG. This cake was made by Ruth (not pictured), Luke and Nates Mother.

So there you have our adventure for the 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights here in Boise. Now to download some sheet music for Robin and to get the correct fingering guide for her. Really, a fun group and good people. Jam sessions are usually the 2nd Wednesday, with singing and a party atmosphere and instruction on the 4th Wednesday. This sounds exciting. Happy strumming!


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