Friday, November 13, 2009

Game Day Draws Near

BSU LogoAhhh! Yes! The day draws near. In about 24 1/2 hours, the University of Idaho Vandals will play to their past reputation and go down in defeat!!! BSU Rules! And the game is being played in the Bronco Nation. Snow is predicted to be on the ground, along with the Vandal ball carriers and quarterback. The temperature will be in the upper 30's and wind chill in the lower to mid 20's. The Big Chill is on it's way!!

According to the Associated Press, the sports director from the University of Idaho, could not handle all the pressure. Look at this!

Spear refuses to board Boise St. plane

Associated Press

MOSCOW, Idaho -- The Boise State vs. Idaho rivalry has taken to some not-so-friendly skies.

Idaho athletic director Rob Spear says he declined to board a Horizon Air flight after learning the airplane was painted in Boise State's blue and orange colors.
BSU Horizon PlaneSpear was traveling to Boise on Saturday for fundraising events. He requested another flight and then drove about 90 miles north to fly from the Spokane, Wash., airport to Boise.

Boise State and Horizon Air unveiled the plane, which sports the team logo on its tail, as an ode to the Broncos earlier this month.

Spear says he'll board the plane after Horizon Air paints an airplane for the Vandals, whose football team will try to beat the No. 6 Broncos this Saturday for the first time since 1998.

Oh well. And there you have the latest news on the rivalry!
Go Broncos!

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