Friday, January 23, 2009

Artichoke Bottoms

Bob had an abscessed molar removed yesterday and I had remembered we had a can of artichoke bottoms [from Spain found at the Basque section of our supermarket] or you can prepare them from fresh artichokes - remove the tooth scraping edible leaves and interior thistle flower after boiling them whole in salted water... saute them in some butter and fill with any number of goodies from pureed veggies to crab salad. So I chose the minted purreed peas and layered them on a slice of polenta. It makes an interesting side dish veggie - layers of different tastes and textures, but soft enough for a dental patient. The sauteed fresh sole was a great soft main dish - lemon butter, Salt & Pepper, lemon zest and a little pecorino romano finely grated - YUmmmO Bob just got up and said those pain pills really work well - he slept hard.

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